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Please contact by phone or email for more details on times and places ! Beginners and Advance Classes - German speaking This class is suitable for people with and without yoga experience Morning Yoga Start your day refreshed and energised in a yoga class with dynamic asanas. Both beginners and advances welcome.Booklet with 10 coupons for ongoing course available, 3 months valid. Gentle Yoga Gentle exercises for body, breathing and mind. Especially helpful for people with linited movement and elderly people. Booklet with 10 coupons for ongoing course available, 3 months valid. Advanced Yoga Yoga class with advance practise of asanas, breathing technics and meditation. Yoga at your workplace Please contact me to discuss possibilities of group classes or individual lessons for your employees or colleagues, directly at your company or workplace. This can be a very beneficial exercise to bring into the workplace. It can have a very positive effect on employees and bring them together and create harmony in their working environment. Yoga during pregnancy & after childbirth A very fascinating time for body & mind, but also exhausting at times. Yoga can help to ease physical fatigue, discomforts & back problems, that may arise during pregnancy. People with special needs and wheelchair user Everybody, who’s interested in yoga, is welcome in my classes. In these classes people can participate that might not have had the chance in the past to join a yoga classes due to physical restrictions. All elements of yoga -  asana, prananyama  and meditation – are taught in the classical tradition, for some in a sitting position. Children with or without special needs (accompanied by an adult) My yoga class can offer your child support in her or his individual and natural development. You learn yoga exercises together with your child. After a short time you will be able to practise your own little yoga routine at home, finding common time to rest, relax and improve your health. If you like we can also arrange a yoga class for a privately organised group, at a place of your choice. Feel free to ask.
Classes - times & places