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Each individual lesson takes approx. 60 - 75 minutes. Teacher and student discuss the current health situation. Wishes for the new individual yoga practice are being evaluated and in order to help choose the best yoga practice for the student, the descriptions of every-day-life routines are essential. Teacher and student also check on the current physical condition through exercising a few asanas (body exercise). The yoga practice will then be designed to your individual needs and wishes. You will receive a yoga practice specially designed for you, which you can integrate into your life as you wish. I advise to meet up at regular intervals, approx. every 6 - 8 weeks, in order to optimise your yoga practise, review your health situation and any life changes, which may require a change of your practise. Between appointments short queries can always be discussed over the phone, of course no additional charge. This is highly recommended, as even small corrections can make a huge difference and is always safer if you are uncertain.
Private Yoga coaching