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Group classes For group classes you can choose between two modules of payment: Module 1  - Monthly charge per direct debit, paid all year round - Guarantee of a place in the class all year round, no new        registration necessary - Participation at classes as often as you like      (depending availability of places),   please check on availability first, registration in one group     necessary - approx. 44 classes and 8 weeks holiday time (no classes)     per annum Module 2 - Once off fee for 10 consecutive weeks - New registration after each block of 10 weeks, no contract   obligation - Reservation of place in following course essential Duration of class Module 1 Module 2 - monthly charge - - 10 units - 45 min. 25,- Euro 75,- Euro single class 10,- Euro 75 min. 42,- Euro 120,- Euro single class 15,- Euro I am recognised yoga teacher at all German health insurances, except private health insurance. My classes are subsidised by health insurances, § 20 Abs. 1 SGB V. For further details please contact your own health insurance. Individual yoga tuition € 55,- (approx. 60 minutes) Add. travel charge for home visit may apply.